The bed as the centrepiece of the bedroom is the most important piece of furniture for our relaxation and rest. That is why it is important for the bed to be sturdy, durable and, most of all, comfortable. Its design, material and colour can match the rest of your furniture or you can make it unique so that it stands out on its own.

The most important part when designing your wardrobe is the organisation of shelves, drawers and hangers so as to make the best of your wardrobe storage space. But we must not forget the romantic dressers and side tables as well, as they make the bedroom an even more pleasant and comfortable space.


Custom-made kitchen gives you almost countless possibilities in the choice of materials, colours and unit design. Optimum use of cabinet space is a priority in order to achieve the best possible functionality in terms of storage and food preparation. As for the design, it depends on the individual requirements, preferences and possibilities.

The table, as an integral part of the kitchen-dining area, must be sturdy and of good quality. That is why the best choice is to have a solid wood table made. The best way to accentuate the comforts of home and the warmth of the material itself is by applying clear varnish and retaining the original colour of the wood. On the other hand, if you opt for a more modern look, the best approach is to paint the table white or black and/or add a glass top. A combination with funky chairs or a bench gives the dining room a very attractive appearance.


When furnishing a living room, in addition to the seating elements, great attention is given to the surrounding pieces as well – coffee tables, side tables, TV stands, dressers and shelves. Whether you prefer minimalist design or require additional storage units makes no difference. What matters is for the style to match the rest of the home and to suit your particular taste.


Entryways need not be simple and dull. We can fit them with a lovely mirror dresser or funky hangers and a bench. In addition to functionality, these pieces are also a lovely decoration for your home.


Business premises and offices must be functional, organized and tidy. The furniture is selected depending on the type of business, but it most commonly includes a desk, cabinet and additional shelving for storing office supplies. Nowadays, the most popular choice is modern black, white or wood colour furniture, because of its clean and stately lines, although some types of businesses, such as beauty salons, shops or kindergartens, opt for a wider and brighter colour palette. What matters is for the choice of units to correspond with the requirements of a particular business operation.


The bathrooms are by squaring often small spaces which is a problem because of insufficient free space for items such as shelves and cabinets. Made to measure allows us to design the bathroom to get it more functional space. The elements are made of quality materials that tolerate moisture and design depends on customer needs.


In addition to connecting floors and levels, staircases also play an aesthetic part. Their design should complement the overall living or work space. Wooden stairs are an excellent choice because the material itself provides warmth, while the design and colour can vary to match the interior design style. Along with the stairs, we also build safety and decorative railings.

Visible load bearing beams used to be found only in older homes, while today beams are installed for decorative purposes as well. In addition to loft spaces where they follow the roof outline, we can install them in any other part of the home, horizontally or vertically. They add particular charm and warmth to your space.